Thursday, September 16, 2010

Al's List

 People who Deserve a Freakin’ 

In the simplest terms, here are ( is? I'm so confused)  a list of people who I think “Deserve a Freakin’ Medal” for ether what they have done, or have had done to them.
10. Justin Timberlake - For being the only one out of those stupid boy/girl bands to actually make something of himself! Remember when he dumped Britney? Think that was a smart move?

9. Denis “Chip” Wilson - For giving the world Lululemons 

8.Bill Watterson - For always reminding me  to keep on exploring, it’s a great big  world out there.

7. Clare Torry- For her four minute and 44 second contribution on the track “Great Gig in the Sky”
6. Pete Best- Just for being a good sport about it.

5. The Hubble telescope- Right you are, this is not a person, but when you look at the photographs taken of The Eagle Nebula (M16),  the Universe or our own Milky Way, it makes you feel pretty humble. AnyTHING that can do that is worthy of a medal.

3. Courtney Love- For putting up with so much bullshit. 

2. Bill Clinton - For receiving undeniably the most notorious ”sexual act” of all time. 

For taking the time to read this blog. Ya, I know, it’s a cop out. I’m Lazy

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