Monday, March 21, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes and Me and You!

It’s been a busy time of year for us students. Papers are due, exams are approaching, and the work load seems to grow as fast as the snow is melting, and the time is flying. The impending doom of trying to find summer employment before it’s too late is looming over us like overcast skies who decidedly will not let the sunshine touch our faces so we may bask in it’s ever loving glory.
No– I’m not high.
I’ve have taken some time out tonight to re-discover my favourite publication as a child, a teenager and even as a semi-adult. 
I’m talking about Calvin and Hobbes.  
The incredible imagination of Calvin reminds us that life is something precious. He reminds us that the world is a beautiful place jam packed with intriguing possibilities and adventures waiting to be discovered. He reminds us to be ourselves, and to not let the judgment of others get in the way of our own dreams and ambitions. 
Too often when the world seems to be spinning double time, we loose sight of why we do the things that we do. We get caught up in the world of trying to impress, trying to be the best, trying to prove why we’re more deserving than the person standing next to us, that we forget to ask ourselves if what we seem so desperate to achieve is indeed what our hearts truly desire. 
To often we silence are inner Calvin because it makes us the truth makes us. uncomfortable in our day to day lives for fear that our quirkiness might be mistake by our colleagues as weakness. 
We lack the courage to be ourselves. 
And Hobbes. Who could forget Calvin’s philosophical anchor and partner in crime, Hobbes. 
Hobbes is real.  He is as real as you or I, talks like you and I, has feelings and eats like you and I. He’s a simple poet, never using complicated verses or metaphors, but eloquently painting a perfectly wonderful phrase, which is so simple, so straight forward, that it’s meaning is hard to error on. He provides this seemingly obvious to him yet painfully slippery to us, wisdom to Calvin that has a balance of encouragement and realism.  
Truly, Hobbes is a tiger, wise beyond his age. 
Though the pressure maybe be mounting, and stress may seem over bearing, we must constantly remember why we do the things that we do, and constantly evaluate it our actions to make sure that they are indeed inline with our desires. 
Be happy first and for most, and don’t be ashamed of your inner Calvin.  It’s probably the best thing going in most of us.
“It’s a magical world Hobbes ‘ol buddy... ....Let’s go exploring!” – the last Calvin and Hobbes line ever. 

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